The Program

The 8th Annual Peter D. Stevens Course on Innovations in Digestive Care will explore a variety of topics in 2019


Esophageal Disease

Evaluation of Dysmotility and Severe Reflux Disease
Endoscopic Treatment Options for Reflux Disease
Barrett’s Esophagus: Detection & Surveillance
Barrett’s Esophagus: Ablate and/or Resect?

Gallbladder and Bile Duct

ERCP – Management of Difficult Stones
EUS-Guided Biliary Intervention – New Standard?
Percutaneous Biliary Intervention – Old Standard?

New Frontiers in Endoscopy I

Distinguished Peter D Stevens Lecture – AI in Colonoscopy: Will This Boost Our IQ?
Transmission of Infection: Problem and Solution
Therapeutic interventions in Hepatology

Complications of Endoscopy and Surgery

Perforations/Leaks and Where to Find Them
Strictures and Obstructions
Fistulas - Plug, Stent or Close?

The Pancreas

Management of Acute Recurrent Pancreatitis
Oncotherapeutic EUS in Pancreatic Cancer
What to do With All These Pancreatic Cysts?

Management of Benign Colonic Neoplasia

EMR is Adequate
ESD is Essential
Full-Thickness Resection is Here!

New Frontiers in Endoscopy II

How Successful is Endobariatrics?
Gastrojejunostomy – Stents or Magnets
Merging of Surgical and Therapeutic Endoscopy

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